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REsidential Foundation RepairFor most of us, our home is a major investment, and the source of strong emotional ties. That's why detecting, diagnosing and remediating sinkhole damage to your home can be such an unpredictable event.

NEC Keystone combines state-of-the-art equipment, innovative and proven drilling/grouting techniques, with the finest industry experienced technicians, job supervisors and safety coordinators to complete any size repair with the highest quality results.


Sinkhole remediation requires a delicate balance of specialized equipment, materials and specially trained personnel.

NEC Keystone takes great pride in each job we do and utilizes only specifically trained employees for each aspect of our ground modification and geotechnical services.

Our safety coordinators and field supervisors are leaders in the industry who monitor and manage these specially trained crews.


Technology & Experience

Throughout our 19 years of experience, NEC Keystone has continued to lead and redefine the industry concerning drilling and grouting techniques. This includes NEC Keystone's exclusive introduction of rotary wash drilling, a practice now accepted by all geotechnical engineering companies and copied by most competitive sinkhole remediation contractors.

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Another key factor separating NEC Keystone from the competition is the specially designed equipment including specialty limited access and custom designed drill rigs, portable hydraulic power packs, grout tube lifting rams, trailer mounted portable VAC-CON wet/dry units and 3 yard specially designed solid waste jobsite dumpsters.

All NEC Keystone equipment is designed with one theme in mind: Repair each problem correctly while reducing cost, clean up and stress to the homeowner.



NEC Keystone respects the homeowner and homeowner's property throughout the entire repair process. Our focus is on minimizing disruption to the customer, the community and the environment. All NEC Keystone employees are required to be clean and courteous at all times on every jobsite.

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