Construction/Preconstruction Consulting
At various points in the design-build process, contractors and owners run into roadblocks that are either geotechnical or settlement related. NEC Keystone has the experience to consult on projects and assist the contractor or design team in finding solutions that are not commonly taught in text books or classroom environments. It is this conceptual approach that has made NEC Keystone a leader in the Florida sinkhole and geotechnical construction industries over the last two decades. In our experience, a short consultation can be worth weeks of “think-tank” type meetings as NEC Keystone prefers to have all stakeholders present at such meetings. How often has an engineering solution been effective for the original problem statement only to have the solution propagate additional problems later in the construction process or over the lifespan of the structure or site? NEC Keystone has found that it is usually a combination of technical and experiential ideas that yield the most favorable results and, by including all aspects of the extended team in one consultation many collateral problems can be avoided at the beginning of the decision making process. Being a specialty contractor, NEC Keystone can help to point the design and construction teams in a unique direction and is willing to remain part of the team to completion, if so desired by the clients. Additionally, should the problem require specialized construction techniques or equipment, NEC Keystone is able to secure or fabricate equipment and components and mobilize to assist in any portion of the construction that the team feels would be better left to a contractor with direct experience in specialized matters. NEC Keystone’s Experience Includes: * Stabilization of Off-grade Structures * Remediation/Stabilization of Historical Buildings * Specialty Concrete/Grout Mix Designs * Specialty Pumping Equipment * Complicated Annular Space Grouting Designs * Critical, Long-Distance Utility Closures * Settlement due to Organics or Unsuitable Materials * Permeation Grouting * Complicated Slab/Structure Lifts (Underpinning and Chemical Grout) * Identification of Sinkhole-related Topography * Pre-Construction Micropile Design and Construction