America’s infrastructure is, for the most part, beyond its design age and is rapidly deteriorating. Whether issues present as pipe settlement, leaking pipes or full replacement and abandonment of existing utilities, NEC Kyestone, Inc. has the materials, manpower and experience necessary to rehabilitate a wide variety of underground infrastructure.

Pipe Settlement

A large portion of infrastructure issues, especially those that manifest at the surface of roadways and sidewalks, are due to settlement of underground utilities beyond permissible limits. This settlement is usually due to leaking pipes and culverts, poor construction methods or the presence of unsuitable soils beneath the pipe bedding. NEC Keystone has developed an improved method for the injection of Single-part polyurethane permeation grouting that seals pipes and drainage structures, fills voids and encapsulates and strengthens poor soils such as extremely loose sand or organic laden sands. NEC Keystone provides a durable repair that does not require open-trench construction or disruption of traffic and facility occupants. Repair and settlement control of underground utilities by chemical grout injection is much less costly when compared to open-trench methods of repair.

Annular Space Grouting

The majority of today’s infrastructure replacement is being affected by “slip-lining” new (usually polyurethane, polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride) pipe through the existing and leaking pipelines. NEC Keystone can effectively seal the space between the pipes (annular space) by injection of grouts with specialized mix designs. Annular space grouting provides protection for the new pipe by sealing off the old pipe as an outer shell and maintaining a buffer between the new slipped line and the old outer liner.

Joint/Leak Repairs

NEC Keystone employs Single-part polyurethane grout to achieve a full penetration repair on leaking infrastructure. Single-part polyurethane has been used for decades to control groundwater and to treat porous soils. Utilizing the same concepts, NEC Keystone can effectively treat your leaking drainage structures and pipe joints to achieve a full-penetration repair that is water-tight and durable.

Manhole Rehabilitation

NEC Keystone injects soil stabilizing polyurethane material from the interior of the manhole space into the surrounding soils to fill voids, encapsulate problem soils and to seal cracks in the structure of the manhole. The result is a water-tight access space that will provide many additional years of use without the high cost of total replacement.

Pipeline Abandonment

NEC Keystone has the experience and the knowledge to achieve full closure of abandoned utilities of up to, and greater than, 4000 feet in length. Our proven process is achieved by pumping from one end only and using verification ports to ensure full closure. One of our projects included injection of approximately 892 cubic yards of material on a single utility closure in 10 hours.