Know Your Contractor
It is very important to know your contractor when starting any construction project. What do we mean by “Know your Contractor”? There are many firms that are not properly licensed or incorrectly represent their history and experience. It is up to you, the homeowner, to investigate and find out who you are doing business with. Here is the NEC Keystone guide to researching your contractor – simple steps to choosing the right contractor. 1. During the initial presentation process make sure the person you are speaking can answer all your questions, not only about their company but also about the process and engineering report data. 2. Make sure the contractor’s license number is properly displayed on all printed literature including business cards, contracts and brochures. 3. Research your contractor’s license number. If they are a state certified contractor visit and click on Verify a License. It is highly recommended that you use a state certified contractor due to the requirements that the state puts on the contractor for insurance, performance and educational background. 4. Make sure the qualifier is a listed qualifying agent or the owner of the company. Many companies will pay a separate contractor to pull permits illegally which can put your property in jeopardy. 5. Contact your local County building department and determine if they are licensed in your county. Also ask if they have any complaints or red tags against their license 6. Go to and click on Search our Records. Inquire by Name and make sure the corporation is an active state licensed entity. It is very important that you do your research on the company you choose to do your work. Company literature does not represent the actual nature of the contractor you want to hire. Don’t rely on a brochure to make such an important financial decision. Do your research and “Know your Contractor”.